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Great location. I can only imagine there's a story behind it.

Overall composition is spot on, Dude! Structural elements carry the eye well. The fallen safety rails and skeletal remains leave you to wonder where the stairs used to go, even though now the stairs are completely gone past the landing.

Only thing that isn't quite nailed is the model. The pose feels awkward, and doesn't have the natural flow as see in some of your other shots with her. Perhaps shifting her position as to actually guard the stairs, or raise the head to look up. Break the hair off the rail by positioning dark against light.

Leg position screams hide the privates. Probably a natural reaction to being nude in what I can only imagine wasn't too far from a public area. Sandals, while necessary, are a distracting element, but then again, this place has tetanus shot written all over it. Safety of the model first.

Blurring of the face was head movement, or for the model's privacy? As it stands distracting, but it does give off a spooky vibe that could be a fun post edit. Go psycho horror house with it, blurring face, hands, limbs, etc. Overactive imagination.

You have a good eye, Dude! This, and other images shot with this model show real creative vision. Next time you're out, glance over your shoulder to make sure the cops haven't seen you, and take your time directing the model. A few seconds can make all the difference.
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